About Us

An abrupt twist or curve. A peculiar trait. A groove separating a bead or other molding from adjoining members. These are but a few definitions of the word, QUIRK.

But it also means fun, excitement, and uniqueness, illustrating a peculiar and yet attracting trait that immediately grabs our attention.

This precisely describes Quirks Marketing Philippines: a young and vibrant company established to provide the growing and discerning Philippine market with products that speak of individuality, functionality, and quality. With its entrepreneurial spirit constantly nurtured, Quirks Marketing Philippines faces its future and the challenges it brings with confidence - ultimately seeking to become an important player in the Philippine and global market.

Our Mission

We want our customers to enjoy better lives through our creative and innovative products and services.

Our Vision

Quirks Marketing Philippines aims to become the embodiment of excellence, total commitment, reliability, quality, and innovation.

Our competitive edge